I'ts been over a year since we got back from our American Adventure. While heartbreaking and depressing (slightly masochistic?), I spend a lot of time looking back over photos from that four months - letting nostalgia reign. What I wouldn't give to live through that again! One of the best things I did during that trip was keeping a diary. Every single night I'd crawl into bed and jot down the day's activities, a few thoughts, and (as you can imagine, I'm sure) every damn thing I ate. I love reading back through those journals now and being able to re-live those moments; they bring back specific memories that couldn't be captured on camera.

Back in August of 2012 (I know.), Rufus, his sister and I visited Chicago. The first few days we spent there involved plenty of walking, pizza, museums and sweat - it was ridiculously hot and humid! Caitlyn and I spent hours in Victoria Secret while poor Rufus dozed in the company of other bored men (that was a highlight!). We underestimated the size and... depth of the deep dish pizza and accidentally ordered one whole pie each at a restaurant. Rufus got his beard trimmed - so emotional. Explored Chicago on foot; particular highlights are the Field Museum (which I absolutely adored), the Museum of Science and Industry (which I also loved, and which had a Mythbusters section that was a lot of fun), the Art Gallery (for its Lichtenstein exhibit), and the bean.


We also spent three very sweaty days dancing our little hearts out at Lollapalooza! What an incredible music festival! It was huge - there were tens of thousands of people everywhere, so many stages across the whole of Grant Park, so many food and art stalls... and all so environmentally aware! Apart from all the wonderful live music we heard (some favourites included Animal Kingdom, Die Antwoord, M83, Doomtree, Macklemore, Sigur Ros, Florence and the Machine, and Justice), it was really just a wonderful festival with the happiest vibe.

Only one slight hiccup; on the second day the whole festival was actually evacuated! A huge storm rolled in, which sent thousands upon thousands of young (drunk) people into the streets of Chicago. Luckily our hostel was incredibly close at hand, so we (along with some newly formed friends) scampered up to the hostel kitchen and snacked while we watched the storm wreak havoc on the city.


Yes, I ate grilled cheese on a stick. And it was so very, very worth it.


  1. I've missed your posts. It sounds like you had a time in Chicago very worthy of some nostalgic retrospection. x

  2. Oh..what great times. At the moment though..bad ..very bad tornadoes..south of that area. Really freaky weather we are having this November. Love the photos and post!

  3. Oh such beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Chicago one day :)

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