just a minute in September.


Watching: We're a bit restless in the TV department; switching between Under the Dome, Suits, and Broadchurch. I have to say I'm enjoying them all! Broadchurch and Under the Dome have me anxiously awaiting the next episodes, as always.
Reading: My chemistry text book! Travel guides mostly... old Kinfolk magazines, Women's Health... I've started reading a novel called Burial Rites, which has started off well! I'm just finding it difficult to keep my head in one space at the moment. Although I'm only studying one subject per semester, uni is still always on the back of my mind. I just want to be a qualified Nutritionist already, damnit! 
Drinking: Heeeeeaps of this tea. I've also started back with the coffee cravings, and I'm enjoying as much water as my body can handle. 
Listening: I'm on a huge The National binge lately! I've been truly, awfully anxious and The National seems to calm me down. Rufus and I are going to a Kvelertak gig tonight, which should be fun - I love a bit of hard rock! 
Loving: I'm just super in love with my own life right now. Rufus has me feeling like a giddy 16-year-old and Jango is cuter than a damn button, with his two little lopped ears. I love the longer days that Spring is bringing - it's depressing to leave work at 6:30pm when it's dark outside. No more! I'm also loving our weekend adventures, which I'm proud to say I've been documenting quite nicely! 

The photo above is from this time last year (approximately). We'd just arrived home from our American Adventure before we headed off to the middle of nowhere to visit our friends in Andamooka. I've noticed that our selfies always look the same: Rufus is a babe and I look like a gremlin. Oh, well. He looks happy, so it's good enough for me!

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  1. Under the dome just began this week on the tv over here. I think I'll need to give it a try :-)