just a minute in August.

Wearing: my new tattoo - with pride! (The meaning of the white tulip. Also; this. We were there! We were raising our white tulips!Also, a lot of black and grey.

Following: I go through phases with blogs I follow. At present, I'm cruising through the pages of Kylie Turley's blog and pining for travel adventures.

Excited for: a trip to the Gold Coast with friends in October! We'll be heading to the theme parks for Fright Night festivities on Halloween, and spending a few days on the beach in the sunshine drinking beers. This all happens after the completion of my exams. To say I'm excited would be an understatement!

Planning: trips overseas, tattoos, camping adventures.

Feeling: exhausted, satisfied, proud. I'm working full time and study 3 subjects per semester at Uni - life is full to the brim at the moment and although I'm happy as a lark, I'm so damn tired!

Wanting: travel, camping gear, and an Aeropress. Maybe also some new skirts, for when the weather gets nicer.

Grateful for: my adorable bunny, who has started giving actual hugs with his tiny little paws (it's ridiculous). The brighter mornings, which make getting up at 6am for a run just a little bit easier. And the boxes of fresh produce we get delivered every fortnight - for introducing us to new fruits and vegetables, and encouraging us to eat seasonally and locally.

Watching: Ink Master, The Block, and Awkward. 

Reading: The Luminaries. I have this really bad habit of falling asleep while reading at present (and consequently dropping the book on my face), so it's not moving along very quickly.

Drinking: coffee, mostly.

Listening: The Beginners Soundtrack, Broods, and Alt-J's new song.

Loving: I've said it before, and I'll say it again - the sunshine! Spring is definitely on its way! 

birthday boy.

_DSC0100 copy

It was this guy's birthday last week. To celebrate the day, we ate dumplings and drank wine for dinner after work; because we know how to party. This weekend, the celebrations continued.

_DSC0120 copy
_DSC0125 copy
_DSC0130 copy
_DSC0133 copy
_DSC0136 copy
_DSC0142 copy
_DSC0162 copy
_DSC0167 copy

Burger crawl! Burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner (except we gave up after lunch and just ate salad for dinner), many beers, potato chips, new DJ gear, art, and new tattoos. I love weekends like this - holed up in my happy place with boyfie. Happiest of Birthdays Rufus - I love you and your face.

_DSC0239 copy


What I wouldn't give for a few hours of "nothing". Nothing but staring at the sea - pottering around my home - hours in the kitchen. Not multi-tasking. Not worrying. Not planning for the next damn thing.

I love my life. I love my partner, my friends, my family. I'm happy in my job and engaged with my degree. I'm feeling enriched with the volunteer program I'm involved in. I have travel plans, and I'm happy with my finances. I'm just so damned tired. I want a day to sit on my butt all day. Bake a pie, maybe. Read a book. Drink some wine and cook a huge feast. Without the guilt or the rush or the racing thoughts.

Look, if that's the worst thing that I've got to say about today, I'm pretty damn lucky.

That's all. Thought I'd pop in.
Hope you're well.

slices of weekend.

_DSC0067 copy

Another predominantly cold and blustery weekend in Melbourne. Rufus and I spent our time wandering around markets (the Finders Keepers art market on Saturday; Flour Market on Sunday), watching movies, and celebrating Christmas in July with a big feast, cute stocking stuffers, and kids movies.

_DSC0188 copy

Most of the photos we took on Saturday night are too hideous hilarious personal to share, so this dinner table is all I have. Rufus came up with the sweet idea to give ourselves a $15 budget and buy a few small gifts for one another. THAT was fun! In the evening, we got into our pjs and cooked some mulled wine (amazing!); Liam set a pork to roast; I cooked up a vegetarian stuffing, brussels sprouts in garlic butter, and honeyed carrots. We lit some candles and feasted heartily, marvelling non-stop at our cooking skills. We watched children's movies after dinner, and for dessert; our newly acquired stocking-stuffer treats: Turkish Delight for him, Cherry Ripe for her.

_DSC0201 copy
_DSC0212 copy
_DSC0231 copy
_DSC0246 copy
_DSC0254 copy

On Sunday morning, we jumped out of bed bright and early to a beautiful day. We quickly drove to the beautiful Fitzroy Town Hall - anticipating the smell of fresh coffee beans, baking bread, and sugary-sweet donuts - for another installment of the Flour Market. It was to start at 9am - we arrived at ten-to. And the line was already snaked around the block (in the first photo of this set, we'd already moved a good 500m and you still can't see the hall!). Sigh. We reminisced about the lines at Comic Con (1, 2, 3) while we waited. And really? It was worth the wait. We flitted from stall to stall, collecting crumpets, sausage rolls, donuts, croissants, and (naturally) coffee as we went. Then we crossed the road and picnicked in the park.

_DSC0261 copy
_DSC0264 copy
_DSC0281 copy
_DSC0291 copy
_DSC0293 copy

Winter's alright sometimes. How was your weekend?

just a minute in july.

I thought I'd extend this monthly segment - adding in a few new questions and a selfie every month. I'm not usually a selfie person, but it might be fun to document the passing of time.


Wearing: anything to keep me warm! It's currently a balmy 3 degrees C at 10am in Melbourne. It's been cold, guys. Usually, my weekend wardrobe includes jeans, boots, a jumper, and my new(ish) favourite jacket from Bronze Snake Shop.

Following: I'm loving folkmagazine on Instagram at present, and have been searching through the pages of AWTW blog for inspiration.

Bookmarking: HA! This is my latest bookmark. That's embarrassing.

Excited for: our trip back to Adelaide in August! It's been way too long, and I need to see the sea.

Planning: to go op-shopping this weekend. Yay! (Also trying to imagine what my life will look like once I've finished my degree... I'm pretty excited for that.)

Feeling: tired, content, grateful.

Wanting: an Aeropress. Some new jumpers. A new camera lens. My tax money to come through. To travel.

Grateful for: my job, the sunshine, my Rufus.

Watching: Entourage (don't judge me) and Penny Dreadful. We also recently finished Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Best Ink, and Ink Master.

Reading: I'm re-reading the Fables comics, and have Under the Tuscan Sun bookmarked by my bed.

Drinking: lots of green tea! Red wine. And occasionally a coffee.

Listening: Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant, Yearling XL by Ace Reporter, and Pools by Glass Animals, just to name a few. 

Loving: the sunshine today! I can handle the cold; but I'm a misery guts when the sun isn't out.