just a minute in December.

Bathroom selfie. Pre-wedding.

Wearing: I bought me some new sandals. And boyfriend jeans.

Excited for: Christmas! Our Great Ocean Roadtrip (we leave tomorrow!). 

Planning: camping trips. To visit the beach as much as possible in January. 

Feeling: excited, happy, tired. So damn tired. A bit numb. Guys... I'm pretty flat. I'm pretty tired. I just can't with life right now. I need to watch less TV and engage with reality a little more.

Wanting: more energy. 

Grateful for: mango season. Cherry season. Almond milk on sale. Cheap petrol. My endlessly supportive boyfriend.

Watching: Best Ink, The Amazing Race (season 25, it's amazing). 

Reading: The Drowned Cities by Paolo Bacigalupi. Favourite author by far.

Drinking: A lot of coffee. And also some gin.

Listening: Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were (yep, still).

Loving: life. Despite my boring, lackluster answers here I'm actually stoked on life at present. Jango has a Santa hat (see my instagram for proof), my boyfriend makes me feel amazing on a daily basis, and I figured out how to curl my own hair (above). So, you know. Shit's good.

what I know to be true. one.

Listening to your body and trusting yourself go hand-in-hand; both are underrated.

My dream is to live in a 1900's bungalow with a big verandah and enough of a yard to keep a dog, chickens, a goat, bee hive, and a thriving vegetable garden. Of course, it must also be close to the beach and within convenient travel distance to the nearest city. Please?

Relationships are hard work. Successful adult relationships are hard work. But getting to kiss and cuddle a man who makes you laugh, supports you endlessly, and loves you unconditionally makes it worth the effort.

Fresh bread is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Salt water really does cure all - whether it's sweat, tears, or the sea.

Remember that your partner doesn't do things that hurt, anger, disappoint or annoy you on purpose. This realisation will help you overcome your pride and be the first to reach out after an argument. Often, you're not standing up for yourself; you're just being stubborn. (As has been my experience, anyway.)

I am unbelievably lucky to get to share a workspace with one of my best friends and all-round favourite humans. Thank you for extended tea breaks, good music suggestions, and helping me sort through my mind-junk.

We will never be able to replicate our American Adventure, as much as I may want to. Sometimes I wish I could curl myself up and live inside those memories - never has an experience challenged, excited, overjoyed or changed me more. I am incredibly grateful.

The right playlist can turn a day around.

phoning it in.

wine and cheese with girlfriends.
Melbourne street art.
I made a friend at The Body Shop, of all places. He was adorable.
View from our hotel room in Surfer's Paradise. It was worth the extra money to upgrade to ocean view!
Here we are on a tiny train, circling a tiny island at Tropical Fruit World.
Dolphin dudes at SeaWorld. Super friendly and inquisitive.
Mango, strawberry and passionfruit "icecream".
We weren't the party type, but watching the waves crash against the shore and hearing the partying going on beneath us was pretty awesome.
Cupcake decorating at a beautiful friend's Hens celebration.

Life is good and busy and full. How are you?

just a minute in October.

Um, I'm sorry, what? November? Fo' reals?! October was a good one; a couple of gigs, some delicious dinners, some much-needed girl time, and a super-duper fun trip to the Gold Coast (which I will hopefully share more on soon, though - I realised as we had just arrived at the airport - I left my camera at home. So you'll have to suffer through some phone-camera-quality images I'm afraid)!

This is my 5am face.

Wearing: I'm actually completely strapped for clothing ideas. I bought some shorts last week, and have pretty much been living in jeans and a t-shirt whenever I'm not at work. I need to go shopping. Always.

Following: I've been on a massive YouTube binge lately, and find myself loving beauty videos (bizarre, I know) and random vlogs. MeghanRosette, HeyClaire and EssieButton are two favourites.

Excited for: We have something planned every weekend from now until Christmas! So I've got lots to be excited for: a visit from Rufus' parents, a Hen's day, a bunch of gigs, a weekend at a beach house, a visit from a childhood friend, a wedding, a visit from Rufus' sister, Christmas celebrations... and then our Great Ocean Roadtrip! 

Planning: I... I don't know. This realisation makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to a little holiday next May, and am desperately wanting a Eurotrip in the near future... but we shall see.

Feeling: Many feelings. Overwhelmed, tired, excited, frantic, thankful. Life is absolutely crazy at present, and I haven't spent any time reflecting. I feel a little shallow... do you get what I mean? Living just below the surface of reality. I need yoga.

Wanting: To calm down. To reflect. To go camping. More yoga.

Grateful for: The Gold Coast holiday we just took with my high school best friend and her partner - GCPC! It was so much fun. We went to MovieWorld, SeaWorld, and Tropical Fruit World (where we rode around an island on a tiny train, ate fresh tropical fruits, cracked nuts, and searched the shrubbery for wildlife). We celebrated Halloween at Fright Night; drank "blood" from an IV, rode the rollercoasters in the dark, and completed terrifying mazes (Cannibal Clowns?!). We played in the hotel pool - bouncing a ball around between us and laughing with complete abandon. We spent hours on the balcony, overlooking the ocean; talking about everything under the sun as the sun set and turned the sky pink and purple. We upgraded to an ocean-view room and fell asleep each night with the sound of waves crashing below us; woke up in the morning to a beautiful golden sunrise over the ocean. I jumped through the waves of the beautiful cool water, made friends with a tiny child who couldn't stand up against the waves and kept calling me "Chelsea", and felt unbelievably beautiful standing by the sea in nothing but a bikini; a light sunburn on my nose, new freckles on my shoulders, salt in my hair, and sand in my toes.

Watching: Nothing at the moment. WHAT?!

Reading: I finished up on The Luminaries (which I really did enjoy, it was just a big commitment!) and have since finished Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham; during which I laughed out loud several times. I'm now reading Into the Wild which is quite dark, but so, so interesting. I'm actually finding myself fully immersed in this book, which takes a lot for my flighty mind. I've also recently subscribed to RealLiving and Women's Health magazines, and have just received my first copy of each, so I've been poring over those glossy pages in quiet moments.

Drinking: Lots of Pukka tea (Revitalise and Cleanse are the best ones). Also, a green smoothie every morning for breakfast, which is doing me wonders! My favourites are spinach, frozen banana, frozen mango, pineapple, chia seeds and water, or spinach, frozen banana, frozen blueberries, peanut butter, frozen mango and almond milk. Yum!

Listening: I Forget Where We Were - Ben Howard. *swoons* This album is happiness.

Loving: See above. No, but really. Also my FitBit, for keeping me accountable, and my newly re-purchased gym membership. Also loving the variety of fresh fruit coming onto the market. And, as always, my little family.

Wow, so apparently I had a bit to say in this blog... sorry about the essay! I hope you're doing well. 

slices of weekends past.

_DSC0005 copy
colourful streets.
_DSC0023 copy
a rooftop garden.
_DSC0038 copy
brunch with the boy.
_DSC0044 copy
poached avocado.
_DSC0092 copy
surprise flowers at our Saturday morning post-run coffee-and-croissant stop.
Life is good.