slices of weekends past.

_DSC0005 copy
colourful streets.
_DSC0023 copy
a rooftop garden.
_DSC0038 copy
brunch with the boy.
_DSC0044 copy
poached avocado.
_DSC0092 copy
surprise flowers at our Saturday morning post-run coffee-and-croissant stop.
Life is good.


This morning I took myself out for a coffee.

Nothing fancy - I just pulled on my jacket, grabbed my sunglasses and wallet, and left my office, as I am sometimes wont to do.

The sun was shining beautifully this morning - the air is still cool (not yet Spring/Summer, but firmly planted in the Winter/Spring temperature range), though the sunshine warmed me down to my bones. At the cafe, I smiled with the baristas and flipped through my Instagram feed; feeling myself absorb the energy of the bustling little coffee shop. When my name was called, I grabbed my soy latte, smiled broadly, and headed back into the sunshine.

And then I realised that I couldn't possibly go back to my office.

So I sat. By myself. In the sunshine. And I drank my coffee. My sweet, comforting, calming beverage. I took off my shoes and let my feet feel the timber decking beneath me. I hopped down onto the lawn nearby, and raked my toes through the grass; dug deep into a small patch of sand with my feet. The cool breeze blew my hair back, away from my face, so I closed my eyes and let it wash over me - not giving a damn how silly I looked to passersby - and I felt transported. Back to Malaysia, strangely enough. Back to America, maybe. Back to feelings of freedom and bliss.

And then I put on my shoes, gathered my things, and walked back to my office.

What a tiny, seemingly insignificant thing, but how incredibly important that tiny moment was. The weather has now changed back to grey, cold, and altogether uninviting. It was a pocket of springtime sunshine, which I'm so thankful to have submerged myself in so completely.

Now the tricky part: learn how to carry that energy though the rest of my day.

just a minute in September.

How are we here already? October?! Double digits?! September was pretty damn cool - we went camping, saw some live music, drank quite a bit, relished the sunshine, scored a new coffee table at a vintage market, spent time apart, hung out with friends... and surprisingly, ate out way less than we usually do. Sad.

This is not a nice photo. But let's be real - we don't always look like a million bucks. Can you see the blister on my nose? We sat too close to the campfire and I was rewarded with an ember to the face.

Wearing: I bought some boyfriend jeans last week, and surprisingly really love the way they look. So I've been rocking jeans and a t-shirt in this sunny spring weather.

Following: my morning routine, and feeling better for it!

Excited for: Gold Coast in four weeks, the end of uni classes (THIS WEEK!!!), our Great Ocean Roadtrip planned for the end of the year.

Planning: travel. To drink a lot of wine this weekend at PinotPalooza.

Feeling: really happy.

Wanting: a new laptop; currently leaning towards the Windows Surface Pro 3 or the Yoga Pro 2. Also, still, an Aeropress.

Grateful for: a gorgeous dog to walk, friends who share their fortune without asking anything in return, a beautiful group of work friends, and family.

Watching: The Block, Banshee, and re-watching An Idiot Abroad whenever I get a spare minute!

Reading: Still reading The Luminaries. I'm enjoying it!

Drinking: coffee, and black tea with cinnamon honey.

Listening: I've been loving the new Preatures album, and thanks to the Laneway lineup, have just found a few new bands to listen to!

Loving: rice cakes with tahini, apple, and rice malt syrup for my mid-morning snack. So goooooood! 

How was your September?

phoning it in.

Some beautiful things, as captured with my phone.

afternoon light.
warm enough for iced coffees!
excuse my dirty hippie feet - I'd been outside, planting a tree. no, really.
sometimes I just sit around and take photos/videos of him. he's ridiculous.

Feeling especially grateful, lately. How are you enjoying the changing seasons?

#flashbackfriday Pulau Langkawi

Look at me, being all trendy, using hashtags n' junk. I thought I'd cash in on this trend and use Fridays to take a trip back in time and reflect on past travels.

DSC_0018 copy
P1070873 copy
P1070867 copy

Pulau Langkawi was an absolute dream ending to our Malaysia trip last December (previous posts 1, 2, 3). We spent most of our time swimming in the resort's infinity pool (occasionally drinking face-meltingly-strong cocktails in the swim-up bar), reading in the sunshine, eating delicious foods, and marvelling at the wildlife. The one day we set off to explore the island, we decided to take a ride on the huge cable cart to admire the views from the top of a mountain. Not a great idea, really, considering Rufus is extremely afraid of heights. But man, what a rush! And what a view!

DSC_0005 copy
DSC_0017 copy
DSC_0037 copy
DSC_0053 copy
DSC_0056 copy
DSC_0078 copy

We were lucky enough to score a beach-front room at the resort, so the first thing we did after walking through the door was run straight to the back door to admire our view. Incredibly rude of us apparently, as we disturbed a huge dragon (lizard, like the one below) that was chilling out in the backyard. Sorry buddy! We also saw squirrels, Malaysia's national bird, kittens, and a multitude of adorable monkeys!

P1070881 copy
DSC_0109 copy
DSC_0133 copy
DSC_0057 copy
DSC_0052 copy
DSC_0140 copy
DSC_0067 copy