Jane from Deluminators did a Q&A on her blog recently, and - despite not actually being tagged (is that sad?) - I'm going to answer the questions too! Below is a picture from my not-so-recent trip to South America. I realised I've never actually shared the photos from that 4-day hike to Machu Picchu, mostly because they're hideous, but this was one of the happiest moments of my life. The hike was over! (Please don't judge me for my appearance. You try hiking for 4 days in the middle of Peru without a shower and whilst suffering a gastrointestinal illness. Not pretty.)

DSC_0658 copy

1. What's the last thing you took a photo of?
It's an incredibly hideous picture of Rufus and myself from Sunday afternoon's pub session. I wanted to take a photo of a cute duck swimming in a river next to my work this morning, but I was far too lazy to grab my phone.

2. What's your favourite meal to make at home?
I like homemade pizza, or the Sprouted Kitchen pancakes. But sweet potato with kale sauteed in coconut oil and either baked beans or fried eggs is an easy, healthy, delicious meal to make.

3. Do you play any instruments?
I used to play the piano. I hated practice though, so I quit. I can still play a few little songs... (that's a "no").

4. Inside or outside?
Outside. Especially at this time of year - I can't stand being indoors when it's sunny.

5. Favourite season and why.
I like the transition seasons; autumn is probably my favourite. I love the feeling of change in the air, and I love the stark difference from the insufferable heat of summer to the cooler mornings and evenings of autumn (and, in contrast, the warmer temperatures and longer days of Spring after the darkness and misery of winter). 

6. How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Was that enough?
About 8.5... wow. Poster child for sleep health, right here. Yeah, that was plenty.

7. Current favourite TV show.
What an impossible question. The OC will always be my number one. Gilmore Girls is a close runner up, as is Friends.

8. What's one thing on your bucketlist?
I want to travel everywhere. I also want to own a hobby farm with goats and chickens and dogs and sheep. Are they too broad? I want to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef before it's gone.

9. Best way to cheer yourself up.
Grab coffee and sit on the beach. Or, if I'm at work, bring up some Dylan Moran stand up on Youtube and listen to that while I work.

10. Put your music player on shuffle... what's the first song that plays?
Eek! I don't have my iPod with me. The last artist I played on Spotify was Quiet Life though.

11. What was the last thing you spent money on?
Korres exfoliator from ASOS, and my weekly food box from Ceres. Typical.

I tag Lauren from Southern Strut

phoning it in.

Some beautiful things, as captured with my phone.


Apologies for any doubles from Instagram.

slices of weekend.

_DSC0003 (2) copy
quiet moments.
_DSC0009 (2) copy
beauty in strange places.
_DSC0021 (2) copy
_DSC0031 copy
A mini-harvest. Featuring one single pea pod, 3 leaves of rocket, and half an un-ripe kale leaf. Those peas and that rocket blew my mind.
A great one, this week! We experienced a real Spring weekend - I was loathe to be inside, and lots of light beer was consumed. Highlights include after-work drinks in my backyard with a favourite on Friday, a solo beach walk (and coffee consumed while sitting in the sand in my good jeans), lunch at our local, shopping for camping supplies, movie night and sweet potato burgers, a sundrenched walk to the local bric-a-brac (/vintage) market; a coffee table score, and time spent studying (less thankful for the study, more for the peace of mind and clarity it brings).

We also attempted to save a tiny possum that had been hit by a car (carrying him, wrapped in my cardigan, as we walked home, and then straight to the animal hospital), but unfortunately he couldn't be saved. While it was heart-wrenching, and I may have shed a tear or twelve, it was humbling to be part of this animal's journey, and reminded me of just how much happiness animals and nature (the whole cycle) bring me.

_DSC0033 copy
a solo beach morning.
_DSC0034 copy
beach boxes.
_DSC0098 copy
_DSC0105 copy
Cranberry-coconut-dark chocolate cookie - to get me to the Eftpos minimum. Also because it looked delicious.
_DSC0161 copy
_DSC0170 copy
_DSC0175 copy
dat face.
_DSC0180 copy
perfection in a huge salad bowl.
How was your weekend, friends?


_DSC0014 copy

This was a moment of pure peace. I'd bounded out of bed 15 minutes earlier, been for a run, bathed, got dressed (and all the rest that goes along with getting ready for work), and still had time to sit and eat breakfast in the sunshine (as opposed to the usual eating-breakfast-in-the-bathroom-while-doing-my-hair routine). Breakfast was, in case you were wondering, homemade granola with banana and 5am organic yoghurt (my new favourite). Such a small change - getting up 15 minutes earlier - but so very worth it in the end. 

I've been so grateful for moments of quiet like these lately, and seeking them out - sitting in my favourite armchair while reading old (inspiring) magazines, instead of numbing myself with bad TV after work; taking 10 minutes away from my desk to drink coffee outside; really revelling in shavasana - and it has done wonders for my headspace.

Thank you.

reminiscing, and travel.

2 years ago today... I know, I know. I'm living in the past (which has never been my vice of choice). This trip was just so life-changingly incredible, and while I'm disappointed that I didn't share my experience while they were actually happening, I'm really stoked I get to re-hash the experience over and over again as I share photos 2 years later.

DSC_0036 copy
DSC_0047 copy
DSC_0133 copy
DSC_0145 copy
DSC_0147 copy
DSC_0150 copy

I don't have my diary with me (in which I kept, in incredible detail, thoughts on our daily adventures), and I can't remember everything, but here's what I do remember:

We woke up fairly early with excitement, as we had a tour of the Everglades booked! Our hostel was oh-so-cool; just the right amount of dirty, colourful, and comfortable. I don't remember what we ate for breakfast, but I do remember how it felt to see an alligator about 2 feet from me. I remember how loud the airboat was; how we had to wear earplugs. I remember how beautifully serene it was when our guide stopped the boat, and we floated; searching the water surrounding us for wildlife. It was absolutely stunning, and I would do that again in a heartbeat. After the tour we headed back to the gift shop (I'm pretty sure Rufus ate something with Alligator in it... I had an apple), and then to a small enclosure where we learned about how intelligent Alligators really are - that they can be trained - and to demonstrate this, the trainer put his head inside the mouth of the great big reptile. It was so damn cool.

Later in the day, Caitlyn and I decided to go exploring while Rufus had some solo time. We walked to the beach, and I was absolutely blown away. I had expected a dirty tourist trap, but the water, the sand, the beach-goers, were absolutely pristine! It was stunning. We weren't wearing our bathers so we took our sandals off and splashed around in the shallows (I remember how warm that water was - how much it frustrated me that I didn't have anything to swim in). We wandered up to Wet Willies for frozen cocktails, and sat for an hour or so - laughing our heads off, talking and drinking, until we didn't make sense anymore.

DSC_0152 copy

I find myself travelsick more often these days. I have itchy feet. That's the term, right? I'm planning trips in my head - shall we go to Spain? Morocco? Vietnam? New Zealand? - but without a solid goal, saving just seems so hard. We have plans to go to Indonesia and Singapore with two of our favourite people in 2016, but my God, that seems like a long time to wait! I have three weeks of Uni holidays in the middle of next year, and want to get out of the country - any destination ideas for a 3-week getaway?

In the mean time we have camping trips, Gold Coast adventures, and Great Ocean Road-trips planned for the next few months. I am so freaking excited and so, so thankful.